Threshold Association

Threshold Association

The Threshold Association is a cross-disability organization, which focuses on the basic and human rights of persons with disabilities. It was founded by students with disabilities in 1973.

The Threshold Association has offices in Helsinki, Kuopio and Turku.

In addition to this, the association has activity groups in Kymenlaakso, Etelä-Karjala, Mikkeli, Pori and Rovaniemi.


The Threshold Association

• works to guarantee the equal rights of persons with disabilities in Finnish society and on international level,

• supports and activate persons with disabilities to advocate for their own rights,

• influences officials and other authorities to consider the needs of people with disabilities when making decisions and

• acts as an expert on disability issues.

Persons with different types of disabilities run the organization from decision-making to activities. This is made possible by hiring assistants, interpreters and guides for different types of events.


International cooperation

The Threshold Association is a part of the international Independent living movement, and collaborates with Disabled Peoples’ International, among others.


Independent living

Independent living does not mean that you have to do everything without assistance or alone. What it means is that you have the freedom to choose and you can make your own decisions.

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